Among stars

Very soon Lukas Osladil will compete against world bodybuilding stars. 2016 Mr. Olympia will start on September 15. How will he feel among those guys?



„I had similar experience last year at EVLS Prague Pro. There will just be a bit more stars in Las Vegas. I would like to be in comparison with Phil Heath, Shawn Rhoden, Dexter Jackson…This would be really cool.“


Kevin Levrone will also compete at the 2016 Olympia. What do you think about his comeback?

„ It´s courageous. I would never have come back after 13 years and I don´t intend to compete after 40. The person gets out of the training rut, doesn´t like workouts so much, in my opinion. And how about his age (50 years)? He feels young, at full strength and  that´s important. I saw his last photos and he made good progress in the short term.“


How do you let off steam during pre-contest training?

I have nothing special. I like to meet my friends and talk about everything. I also like to walk in Prague or in nature, I listen to favourite music or watch my favourite movies, for example directed by Woody Allen or with Jack Nicholson or Leonardo di Caprio. I prefer documentary films about nature or successful people too.“