Date and place of birth: 4. 6. 1980, Zábřeh na Moravě

Residence: Praha

Job: personal trainer

Education: trained tinman, graduation in 2013, 2003-2004 English at language school

Height: 173 cm

First competition: 1996, Youth Czech Republic Championship in Havířov - 4th place in Open category

First Profi competition: June 2012, Toronto Pro Supershow - winner

Nutritional consultant: George Farah

Competitions and Results:

– Ferrigno Legacy  – 3rd place

– Nordic Pro -  2nd place
– EVLS Prague Pro – 6th place

– Arnold Classic Europe – 10th place
– Mr. Olympia – 16th place

– Dayana Cadeau Classic – 2nd place
– Europa Phoenix Pro – 1st place = qualified for Mr. Olympia 2016!
– EVLS Prague Pro – 8th place

– Arnold Classic 212 – 7th place
– Mozolani Pro – 5th place
– New York Pro – 8th place
– Toronto Pro – 7th place

– IFBB Sheru Asian Classic in India under 212 pounds – 5th place
– IFBB EVL´s Prague Pro – 12th place + Sympathy award

– Toronto Pro Supershow 212 – winner
– Olympia 212 Showdown – 11th place
– IFBB EVL´s Prague Pro – 9th place

– Arnold Classic Amateur in Columbus under 90 kg – 2nd place
– Olympia Amateur in London under 90 kg – 2nd place

– Arnold Classic Amateur under 100 kg – 4th place

– International Cup in Opava over 90 kg – 4th place
– The World Championship in Qatar under 90 kg – 7th place

– Euro Elit Tour – Budapest 6th place
– Petrotrans Elit Klaipeda – 6th place

– Euro Elit Tour – Kaliningrad 8th place, Tallin 2nd place, Marseille 2nd place

– The World Championship in Ostrava under 90 kg – 2nd place
– Euro Elit Tour – Moscow 5th place, Prague 3rd place, Tallin 5th place, Portsmouth 6th place

– The Championship of Bohemia and The Czech Republic Championship under 90 kg – winner (+ overall winner)
– The Europe Championship under 87,5 kg – winner (+ overall winner)

– The Championships of Northern Bohemia and Bohemia, The Czech Republic Championship under 80 kg – winner (first senior competitions)

– The Moravia Championship under 80 kg – 2nd place
– The Czech Republic Championship under 80 kg – 4th place (last junior competition)

– The Youth Czech Republic Championship in Havířov - 4th place in Open category



Lukáš started excercising in only 10 years. For three years he was systematically excercising and spreading his provisional home gym. He started going to the gym with his brother at age 13, his first coach was Josef Tělupil. He showed him the technique and in 1995 recommended him to attend the championship in youth category. In his first competition in Havířov Lukáš finished in fourth place out of the seven participants in the Open category without using any supplements.

Military Service:

In 2000 the mandatory military service interrupted his preparation for the Junior Championship of Moravia. He was training the whole year of the service to stay in shape. Only three days after end of the service he competed at Junior Championship of Moravia in under 80 kg category and finished second. At the Czech Republic Championship in 2001 (his last junior competition) he ended on fourth place. In the folowing four years he wasn't competing, but stayed in shape. In 2003 he finished the coaching school of Petr Stach, between 2003 and 2004 he studied English at language school.

In senior category:

In 2004 Lukáš started his career in senior category and won at the Championship of Northern Bohemia, Bohemia and also at the Czech Republic Championship under 80 kg. Following year he won in category under 90 kg and qualified for the European Championship, where he won in category under 87,5 kg with weight 82,5 kg and also became the overall winner. At the World Championship in 2006 he placed second in category under 90 kg.

He also participated at four competitions of Euro Elit Tour, the best result for him was the third place in Prague. In 2007 he finished second in Marseille and Tallin. In 2008 he took sixth place at Petrotrans Elit in Lithuanian Klaipeda with performance on Summer from Antonio Vivaldi's The Four Seasons.

In November 2009 Lukáš took seventh place at the World Championship in Qatar in category under 90 kg. In 2010 he participated in the prestigious sports festival Arnold Classic Amateur where he despite original expectations competed in the under 100 kg category and finished in fourth place. A year later he competed in his category under 90 kg and finished second behind Russian Alexandr Kodzoev.

To the professionals:

In 2011 Lukáš competed at his ​​last amateur competition Olympia Amateur in London and finished second in the category under 90 kg. Then due to absolute victory in the European Championship in 2005 he asked for a transfer between professionals. He began competing in the newly established category to 212 pounds (96.2 kg). He won his first professional competition in June 2012 in Canada at the Toronto Pro Supershow.

In September 2012 he attended Olympia Showdown in Las Vegas and finished eleventh. At the EVL 's Prague Pro Lukáš took ninth place , a year later, twelfth place. In 2013 he recieved special Sympathy award from the organizer Sportovní holding Praha in cooperation with media partner In 2013 Lukas also started at Asian IFBB Sheru Classic in Delhi in India where he finished at fifth place.

In the Open category

Year 2014 was his last in 212 category. Then he prepared for transfer to Open category. October 2015 brought his debut. He achieved a nice eighth place at EVLS Prague Pro. Two weeks later he scored his career-best result. He won Europa Phoenix Pro and secured direct qualification for Mr. Olympia 2016! Lukas confirmed his good shape also at Dayana Cadeau Classic, where he took second place. 


Lukas´s main goal in 2016 was Mr. Olympia 2016. He didn´t lose among the most famous bodybuilders, but he achieved the 16th place. 

A week later Lukas competed at Arnold Classic Europe in Barcelona and his shape was much better. He took tenth place.Then Lukas´s improvement was going on. At EVLS Prague Showdown, in front of home audience and with excellent posing routine, he took sixth place. A week later he got on the podium. At Nordic Pro Lukas Osladil finished in the second place.