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Welcome at the official website of Lukáš Osladil, IFBB Pro bodybuilder.




Take a look at Lukáš's form three weeks before the start at the Mozolani Classic 2014, where will be Czech bodybuilder compete on the weekend of 3rd and 4th May in Žilina, Slovakia.



For the first time in the history of the festival Aronold Classic they competed in the category up to 212 pounds and Czechs have there their representative. Lukáš Osladil started with number one, so he will be written as a first competitor for always, and also he won the advance to the final in strong competition and the final seventh place.



Category 212 was at Arnold Classic for the firts time and Lukáš Osladil had the number 1. So he was the first athelete presenting himself on the stage of Arnold Sports Festival in this category ever. And he succeded in final by reaching 7th place among very strong competition.



Lukáš only one day before the great battle in Columbus. Finally, he weighted in at 210lbs, 900g below the weight class limit. He began to load my body with carbs and protein before Friday's pre-judging at noon EST and finals to be held at 7pm in the evening.



Lukáš four days out to Arnold Classic in the East Coast Mecca - Powerhouse Gym of Bev Francis in Syosset. On Wednesday he will transfer to Columbus on to prep for the Friday's showdown.


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