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Welcome at the official website of Lukáš Osladil, IFBB Pro bodybuilder.



This is Lukas Osladil´s plan for next year. What competitions will he write into calendar, he doesn´t know yet. 


 „There are for example two competitions in May. Either Arnold Classic in South Africa or Body Power in Birmingham. If I will be ready 14 day before, there is also Arnold Classic in Brazil too. Anyway I will schedule two competitions at first and then see. The aim is, of course,  to qualify for the Mr. Olympia.“


Lukas Osladil added another podium. He took third place at Ferrigno Legacy 2016 in California. He showed great shape again.


Nordic Pro should be the last contest for Lukáš Osladil this year. But few days before pro show in Lahti he decided to start at Ferrigno Legacy on October 29. "I know that I can be in even better shape, with more details," said Lukáš.

Lukáš Osladil took second place at Nordic Pro and gained 4 points to the 2017 Olympia Qualification Series standings.


„I have never had so many positive replies and such a great applause after posing routine,“ admitted Lukáš Osladil after EVLS Prague Showdown. 




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