Training of new posing routine took dozens of hours

„I have never had so many positive replies and such a great applause after posing routine,“ admitted Lukáš Osladil after EVLS Prague Showdown. 





Lukáš changed his posing routine in this season. What the posing routine will look like he concealed and for the first time he showed it at Mr. Olympia.


„I spent about fifty hours by practicing new posing routine. One dancer helped me with preparation. He made whole choreography and teached me, how do new movements right, especially transitions. Basically I was able to do just bodybuildings´ poses, everything else was new for me and I had a lot to learn. It wasn´t easy for me, but it paid off.“


Lukas Osladil planned 4 competition in 4 weeks for this season. It is no wonder that after EVLS Prague Showdown feelings of joys were mixed with big exhaustion…


„It is very difficult for me. Having 2, maximally 3 events were ok, but 4 are so many. You have to keep in good shape, the weight can´t go up, that´s why you have to reduce carbs. And with these low carbs, or more likely with no carbs, you have to manage three workouts after the contest and go to other event. The tiredness is growing and the energy is running low.“