I will compete in six moths again

This is Lukas Osladil´s plan for next year. What competitions will he write into calendar, he doesn´t know yet. 


 „There are for example two competitions in May. Either Arnold Classic in South Africa or Body Power in Birmingham. If I will be ready 14 day before, there is also Arnold Classic in Brazil too. Anyway I will schedule two competitions at first and then see. The aim is, of course,  to qualify for the Mr. Olympia.“



Do you want to change your posing routine?


„No. The posing routine will be the same. I didn´t perform it at 2016 Mr. Olympia, because only TOP TEN showed posing routines. I want to come back next year, I want to compete at Mr. Olympia again and perform my successful posing routine there. “


You are resting now. What are you doing?


„I workout on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and in these three days I practise the whole body. I have still eaten healthily, but with enough carbs. And on Saturdays I have cheat day. I eat two big common meal. My weight should be about 105 kg within following weeks.“


You talked about meal. Which meal do you prefer?


„After competition I prefer especially ice cream, milkshake or diary products. Because I don´t drink almost 24 hours before competition and I am very thirsty. In Barcelona I ate up more than 3 litres of these products. I don´t need anything more. And on Saturdays I like to eat for example pizza, bread or rolls with butter, schitzel with potatoes. And I also relish chocolates or biscuits.



And what about holiday? When and where will you go on holiday?


„It would be great to go on holiday in May. As a reward for Mr. Olympia qualification. I would like to go to Vietnam or Thailand. To get to know it´s culture or sights and taste local exotic food, for example cutworms or bugs. No, I´m not kidding. This is food that have high percentage of proteins and low percentage of fat. Moreover, in my opinion, this food will be normal in future. So why not get it?