Lukáš about cooparation with Farah: Changes were visible quickly

In May Lukáš Osladil will compete at three competitions, so it will be a busy month for him. Czech professional in category to 212 pounds will be fighting for victory and the nomination for Olympia at Mozolani Classic in Žilina and overseas at New York Pro and Toronto Pro. "I would be happy if I could go to New York with the fact that I have been nominated," admits Lukáš his high goals for the competition in Slovakia. In his preparation for this season is helping him the world renowned coach and nutritional consultant with the nickname "the maker" George Farrah. Lukáš sees his greatest contribution in pre-race phase.



This season, you are cooparating George Farah, who works with the best professional bodybuilders world. How did you met him? 

I met him for the first time in 2012 at Toronto Pro, where I competed in my first professional competition. I had won the race, George Farah came to me in the locker room and told me that he see potential in me. I was obviously very pleased. Back then he gave me an advice, that it would be better if I would go to Open category, in which I would have a very big chance considering my shapes and symmetry.


So you were thinking about working with some consultant? 

I've never had a problem with diet or gettting in shape. But sometimes when I was on stage with good shaping, I missed the fullness of muscles. I knew that I need to do something with it. Therefore, I considered that it would be appropriate to consult it with someone.


So how did it happen that you started working with Farah following year? 

After the failure at last year's EVLS Prague Pro Mr. Speychal from Sport Holding Prague offered me that I could work with George Farah in preparation for a competitions in 2014. I was happy and our cooperation started since November last year.


George Farah spends most of his time in New York, how do you communicate? 

We communicate via internet and telephone. I plan my trainings by myself, George advises me on diet, nutritional supplements and nutrition in general.


Although you are cooperating for relatively short time, do you see positive results? 

Certainly, the changes were visible right from the start. And it was thanks to the collaboration with George Farrah and conditions that I have from the Sport Holding Prague. This combination is a big plus for me, through which I managed to improve my form.


Are you now shortly before the competitions in some special mode? 

My preparation for the May races is not different from that for the Arnold Classic. All this time I had to keep myself in shape, because the interval between Arnold Classic and the May competitions is almost two months. I had to keep myself did not gain any fat and spoil my form. In fact it is challenging and May will be the most hard. I believe that we can ensure that culminated form.


What exactly awaits you in May? 

In early May, I will perform at Mozolani Classic in Zilina, Slovakia, two weeks later awaits me New York Pro. About fourteen days later, I will compete at Toronto Pro, where I was already in 2012 and won there.


Is this competition special for you because you passed a very successful debut among the pros here? 

Of course, because I won here. For me, Toronto is definitely special. But I will face other builders, everyone has a different form. So everything is always different. But according to the fact that I won the Toronto Pro, I would very much like to repeat this year.


At which of the three competitions are you expecting the strongest opponents? 

Certainly in New York, Toronto and Mozolani are even. Mozolani is considered to be easier than the competition like Arnold Classic, which is the second largest after the professional Olympia, followed by New York Pro and EVLS Prague Pro. But of course, even at the smallest competition it depends on who arrives. Participation of the best may do a very difficult race from every competition. Flex Lewis, David Henry and Eduardo Correa are not starting here, so it seems a little easier. But on the other hand, there will be Sami al Haddad, Mike Dugdale and others.


So what are your goals for the upcoming competition, the Mozolani Classic in Zilina? 

I am certainly thinking of the highest places. The biggest rival for me probably will be Sami al Haddad, who I had managed to beat once. He also beats me several times, so it will be a great fight. Victory also means nomination Olympia, as on every professional competition.I would be happy if I could go to New York with the fact that I have been already nominated.