It is great! My dream come true with nomination for Olympia, says Lukáš after move to Open

Lukáš surprised many people with his decision to move from category up to 212 pounds to the Open category. But already his very first season in the heaviest category proved that Lukáš knew very well what he was doing. After 14 months of preparation he competed at three competitions in autumn 2015 and did really well. After eighth place in the battle with the gratest stars at EVLS Prague Pro came triumph at Europa Phoenix Pro and therefore qualification for Olympia 2016. Lukáš closed the season with another great result - second place at Dayana Cadeau Classic.


You have first three competitions in the Open category on your record. I guess your impressions are good, doesn´t they?

It was my first season in the Open category which is considered as better than category up to 212 pounds. Therefore I knew that I am moving to the higher level. And I must say it is going great so far! Already the eight place at EVLS Prague Pro which is the third greatest competition after Olympia and Arnold Classic was great. Most of the best bodybuilders from Olympia compete there and hardly anybody expeted this at my first competition in Open category.


Moreover it was competition in your hometown in Prague. Did you feel the support of your fans and family? Was it helpful?

It was really good, fans were very loud for all Czech competitors. We were welcomed by them, they were cheering great. I really felt their support after I came to the stage. It would be nice to have such support at all competition. (smile) 



Second competition went even better for you! You won at Europa Phoenix Pro and qualified for Olympia 2016…

I knew that competition of other bodybuilders won´t be so hard there because many of them went to the Nordic Pro in Finland after EVLS Prague Pro. I decided to fly to USA. I expected good result because there are easier competition in general at the events after EVLS Prague Pro. The best bodybuilders have offseason already and there is better chance to succeed.


And your plan worked very well, you nominated for Olympia there. Was that the best moment of your career so far?

Definitely. Nominated for Olympia in the Open category is really tough. But this was my plan from the beginning because competitors nominated thanks to points, not victory, are mostly in the last places. Moreover this is the easier way for me because I don´t want to compete in the five competitions in the row. It is really hard both physically and mentally. I am motivated and full of energy for the first two or three competitions, then my motivation go down.


You closed the season with the second place at Dayana Cadeau Classic and confirmed your great shape there…

There were two big stars here - Ronnie Rockel and William Bonac who took victory. The fact that I defeated Rockel is great for me. He was sixth at Olympia few years ago!



What did you went through during your move among two weight categories?

I competed in June 2014 in the category up to 212 pounds for the last time. I ended seventh at Toronto Pro. After two months I started bulk preparation, then I took some rest. The main preparation started five months before the first competition in Open category - EVLS Prague Pro in October. And there weren´t big differences. Earlier I must to fit in the weight class and lost some of the muscle mass because of my height. Therefore I decides to move, I had nothing more to improve in up to 212 pounds category.


Did you talk with other competitors about your moving to Open category?

Yes, and many of them were surprised with my decision. Some of them were impressed with my growth of muscle mass and its quality. They were also adviced me.


Your season 2015 ended. What are you plan for year 2016?

I have plan to start compete in autumn. First at Olympia, then at Arnold Classic in Madrid and at EVLS Prague Pro. I will start my preparation in January.


What are your goals for the preparation before competitions?

I have still reserve in the amount of muscle mass, I can get more than another five kilos on my skeleton. That is actually my plan to improve and belong among the best bodybuilders in the world. If it would be in quality I had in this autumn, I will be satisfied with only two kilos. The key is the quality.


FOTO: Igor Kopček / Eastlabs Team