Workout in 2016

Although I will compete at Mr. Olympia, there aren´t big changes in this year preparation. „Changes are too high-risk strategy for me,“ says Lukas Osladil.



How does your training in these days look like?

„I have training four times a week. I am using the same workout for 10 years. I don´t have a reason to change them. Some people say that changes are necessary, but I don´t believe in these theories. Last season I improved, I gained 7 kg of mass. So I´m still using this workout and looking for other 4 kg of mass. If I make any changes, I can´t believe in my workout. It would be risky for me.“


What muscles do you need to improve?

"Definitely it is middle back and the trapezius muscles. And abdominal muscles. I do abdominal exercises before every workout and also six times a week in the morning I do vacuum exercises. I want to improve my biceps too.“